Hometown Knives

Hometown Knives
Hometown Knives is a family own business based in Madison, WI. We started making knives in the early 90's and our forge continually produced the highest quality damascus steel available. 

Surrounded in secrecy, Damascus steel has an aura surrounding it like no other material. Legend has it that, the original blade of a Damascus sword can cut cleanly through another sword and will still sever a hair falling on it. Damascus steel has achieved a mythical status, as the knowledge needed to produce this ancient material was lost in the early 1800s.

Hometown Knives uses the finest modern steels and alloys (15N20, 1095 and 5160). As the different alloys are heated and then forge welded together before being folded over and forge welded again. This produces a laminated material that has an amalgam of the characteristics of the materials that went into its creation.

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