Previous Giveaways and Winners!

Previous Giveaways and Winners!

Have you ever entered a contest or giveaway and wondered, does anyone win anything or do they just want my information to pepper me with empty promises and dull deals?  Well, here at Knights Knives when we say Giveaway, that's exactly what we mean!  We will not be emailing you daily with meaningless offers and gibberish.  We may send an occasional email if we feel the content has worth and value to our customers.  Our business relies on word of mouth and satisfied customers who pass our name along. We appreciate that and think your efforts should be rewarded for helping us grow.  So that is why we started the Knife of the Month Giveaway in November of 2017!  Thank you and please continue to tell people about us. Stay Sharp!

November:  KA-BAR 1485 TDI                                                                 October 2019:  OKC8696 Bushcraft Field Knife

Winner:  Shad Skinner                                                                            Winner:              Adam Roberts

December:  Ontario OKC8673 Ranger Falcon                                             November 2019:  CS49KST  Cold Steel Tiger

Winner:  Al Samora                                                                                 Winner:                  Chad Stacy

January 2018:  Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter                                             
Winner:  Tom Dallas                                                                                 December 2019:  KW6031 Kershaw CQC-11k

February 2018:  Bear & Son BS517                                                            Winner:                 Patrick Bryan
Winner:   Donnel Schmidt

March 2018:  Kershaw KW1660BLKW Black Blur
Winner:  James Willis

April 2018:  Kershaw KW1660BLKW LEEK
Winner:   Steve Sanders

May 2018:  Ontario Knife Co.  OKC8677 Ranger Tanto
Winner:   John Hazlett

June 2018:  Bubba Blade BB1-RH-MO Rhino
Winner:       Jack Herron

July 2018:  KA-BAR 1235 Leather Handled Marine Hunter kb1235
Winner:      Philip Shouse

August 2018:  Ontario Knife Co M7 Bayonet OKC6277
Winner:           Ronnie D Mewbourn

September 2018:  KA-BAR 1249 Kukri
Winner:                 Ej Bognear

October 2018:  Schrade  SCHF63B
Winner:            Chase Kowalski

November 2018:  Smith & Wesson SWMP3BS Military & Police MAGIC Assist
Winner:               Bill Galapagos

December 2018:  Schrade SCHOTF3S Viper
Winner:               Corey Willey

January 2019:      Cold Steel CS49LCK  SRK SR-5

Winner:                William Waychoff

February 2019:  Cold Steel CS90PTHF  TRENCH HAWK DARK EARTH

Winner:  Michael Frederick

March 2019:  Ontario Knife Company  OKC7180 5pc. Cutlery Set

Winner:    Michael Olson

April 2019: Kabar Heavy Duty Warthog KB-1278

Winner: Carla Gitchell

May 2019: Cold Steel Drop Forged Boot Knife CS36MB

Winner: Malcolm Elliott

June 2019: Kershaw 1776GRYBW - Link - Gray Aluminum Blackwash  

Winner:  Greg Heisenfeldt

July 2019: OKC 499 Air Force Survival

Winner: James Inman

August 2019: 110 Buck Folder

Winner: Robert Puchalski

September 2019:  Rite Edge 9" Danascus Skinner

Winner:  Douglas Grissom

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