About Us

Knights Knives is a website committed to helping you find the blade that is a perfect fit for you or your group's specific needs.  We are real people with real answers to any questions that you may have concerning knife and blade material applications.  You will find our site informative with information such as types of steel and the pros and cons of each type, different sharpening procedures, and how-to videos. 

This website will always be updating so be sure to check back as our learning center information will continually be modified in an effort to grow with the industry.  We intend to make this both a fun and informative site.  We are a small team of experts in the knife world with an extensive background in knife sharpening and metallurgy.  We bring to the table a personalized service for anyone that has any type of question in the world of knives. 

We have long relationships with over 700 knife companies and therefore you will find our pricing accompanied with free knowledgeable and personalized service to be equal or better than anything you find offered by other companies right down to the big boys.  We are a hands-on company so if you don’t see a particular brand on our site that interests you please contact us because 9 times out of 10 we know the knife or brand and can get the product you want. 

You will find that asking us will be well worth your time.  We are here to give you the best deal possible and don’t play any games, just straight up honest business.  We also support the many hardworking bladesmiths out there and include their custom work available for sale on our site. We have great relationships with these smiths that will custom make a knife for you on just about any budget, again just ask. 

If you are a member of a special group such as First Responders please visit our special group's section and register to receive a personalized code that will help you find specific items and prices related to your interests.  We will always be growing and are proud to be customer-centric so please contact us if you would like to see anything else included on our site that would be helpful.  Remember to stay sharp!